Wire Guide Awnings

Wire Guide Awnings

Wire Guide Awnings Designers Love at Factory Direct Prices

Built to withstand wet, dry and windy conditions, the wire guide awnings used by Interior Illusions provide effective protection for your windows and outdoor areas. Interior Illusions creates custom wire guide outdoor blinds to suit the unique dimensions of different buildings. If you need wire guide awnings for a commercial project, we also have the resources and experience to work with builders, interior designers and architects on large-scale projects.

Benefits of Using Wire Guide Awnings

Installing wire guide awnings will safeguard your blinds while enhancing the appearance of your property. Offering greater stability, our wire guide awnings allow for easy control over the movement of your blinds. Wires on either side of the blind hold it in place, acting as a track to prevent your blinds from being damaged when extending or retracting. This minimises wear and tear, so your blinds maintain their structural integrity for longer.

Suitable for windows, patio and balconies, wide guide blinds offer simple yet reliable shelter from the elements. They keep out the sun on hot summer days and prevent rain from damaging your living spaces, seeing you through every season comfortably. While some blinds are prone to getting blown around during high winds, wire guide blinds stay put as they’re secured to the building’s exterior façade.

The benefits of installing wire guide awnings aren’t just practical – they also add detail to your home’s exterior. Interior Illusions stocks wire guide blinds in a range of colours and styles so you can find the perfect match for your property. If you’re looking for an ultra-durable solution, we also create heavy duty blinds with wire track features.

Why Buy Wire Guide Awnings from Interior Illusions?

Interior Illusions specialises in custom-made, quality window coverings. With extensive experience in designing innovative window coverings, you can rely on our consultants to design high-quality wire guide blinds. Beautifully designed down to the smallest details, our wire guide awnings are practical, visually appealing and built to last.

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