Thanks to our years of firsthand knowledge and experience in supplying, fabricating, and installing shutters and blinds for properties across Melbourne, the professional and fully-qualified team at Interior Illusions are who you want to count on for gorgeous plantation shutters in Melbourne.

Constantly on the lookout for outstanding and easy-to-operate shutters and blinds the team at Interior Illusions are the best choice for plantation shutters in and around Melbourne. Able to control the level of light coming through the window while evoking a classic feel, our plantation shutters are a popular and timeless options that can be installed in next to no time by our attentive team.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Installing plantation shutters at your Melbourne property offers a host of aesthetic and practical benefits, with some of these pros including:

  • Greater energy efficiency and lower bills – Thanks to being great insulators and deflecting sunlight, plantation shutters can help to keep your home cool during summer and reduce the need for having your air conditioning cranked up the coolest setting. Plantation shutters also provide an added layer of insulation in winter, reducing your dependence on your heating system. This means plantation shutters can keep your power bills low all year round!
  • Control the light that enters rooms – The easily adjustable slats or louvres allow you to control just how much light enters your home.
  • Privacy on your terms – You can control your level of privacy by slightly adjusting your plantation shutters. It is even possible to set the plantation shutters so that you can see out but others can’t see into your home.

High-Quality, Affordable Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

While plantation shutters are known for their luxurious, resort-style appearance, Interior Illusions still endeavour to sell our plantation shutters to Melbourne residents for an affordable price. One of the ways we keep prices low but standards high is by fabricating our own shutters and blinds, cutting out the middle man while being able to provide quality assurance.

Additionally, our shutters can all be customised, meaning they can be created in accordance with the budget you have specified. Additionally, as our plantation shutters are designed to withstand Melbourne’s weather conditions, you can be sure you are getting maximum value out of your investment.

To increase the value of your home without breaking the bank, reach out to Interior Illusions for superior-quality yet affordable plantation shutters throughout Melbourne. Just give us a call on 1300 884 721 to enquire about our prices, products and services!

Where to Buy Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

Available in a number of different styles, and colours all of our plantation shutters are constructed from durable and weatherproof timber that is treated to last for decades without deteriorating. Versatile and capable of withstanding Australian weather conditions, especially Melbourne’s hard-to-predict climate, our plantation shutters can increase the value of your home, while also improving the visual appeal of your property.

When buying plantation shutters, you need to be sure you are buying from a reputable company that will handle the fabrication and installation of your shutters as well. With a team of dedicated window covering experts, Interior Illusions have earned our reputation for being the leading providers of plantation shutters to Melbourne properties.

Given the above information, it is clear that the best place to buy plantation shutters in Melbourne is Interior Illusions. Homes, businesses and commercial properties throughout Melbourne can rely on Interior Illusions for affordable, custom-made plantation shutters. Visit our Braeside showroom today, give us a call on 1300 884 721 or contact us via contact form.


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