Curtains and drapes have long been used as window coverings to give new and old homes with a simple yet elegant and sophisticated look. Our range of traditional, classical and modern style curtains and drapes will beautify your home and make it extremely pleasing for you or anyone who visits your abode.

Top quality, stylish curtains and drapes at affordable prices

Through our long standing relationship with some of the most prominent fabric house in Australia, we are able to offer our clients the crop of the cream in curtains and drapes. All at favourable prices! Some of our suppliers include:

Choose your own drapes and curtains from one of Melbourne’s biggest suppliers, Interior Illusions

When you visit our store in Melbourne, you will get the opportunity to pick and choose from a massive range of sheer, semi block-out or block-out drapes and curtains, with an endless range of fabrics, patterns and textures at your fingertips. There are boundless possibilities for you to personalise your curtains and drapes according to your own imagination and artistic goals! Of course, our drapes and curtains experts are always here to assist you with choosing the right fabric and designs for your home.

The added benefits of drapes and curtains

Curtains and drapes don’t only add an aesthetic value to your home, it is also known as one of the best energy consumption solutions available. Curtains and drapes are especially great for homes in Melbourne where the weather is so fickle because they have the ability to keep the heat in during winter, and keep the heat out in summer. Please refer to Ecospecifier for the most suitable fabrics for your home. Contact us via contact form now or call 1300 884 721 or today to speak to one of our window coverings experts!


We service the Melbourne metropolitan and south eastern and eastern suburbs areas of Victoria. (Melbourne metro and surrounding suburbs, southern suburbs and eastern suburbs). We also quote off the plan for new and existing residential and commercial developments and consult directly to our customers in our showroom in 2/132 Keys Road, Cheltenham, VIC 3192.

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